Windows & Doors in a Conservation Area

Sussex Hardwoods specialises in providing a trouble free service for replacement or new hardwood windows and doors for conservation areas and listed buildings.  We have completed many projects for clients to a very high standard meeting all the regulations and local authority stipulations.  We help the client through every stage of their planning and applications so that all parties are involved in the process. Where Hardwood windows and hardwood doors in conservation areas or listed buildings are concerned it’s important to adhere strictly to the requirements and meet all regulations .

The details of each element has to be correct and approved; for Sussex Hardwood Workshops, this is no problem, in fact is what we do every day.    Conservation hardwood windows can include any sort from sliding box sash, storm sash, opening casement to fixed casement windows and likewise for Listed buildings Hardwood windows and doors. We can supply section details and glazing U-values for each specific design.  So if you’re looking for hardwood windows or doors for your listed building or are in a conservation area, then let us enhance your property with beautiful handmade joinery.

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