Environmental Policy

Company Environmental Policy Statement

Sussex Hardwood Workshops is a joinery company that produces high quality bespoke conservatories, oak frames, doors, windows, kitchens and furniture. We recognise our responsibilities in respect of environmental issues at work and have in place a company policy and an action plan regarding environmental policy and are committed to following environmental legislation.

Sussex Hardwood Workshops is committed to following best environmental practice where practical and within the resources available, to reduce any environmental impact that it is responsible for be it direct or indirect in terms of the company’s operation.

Sussex Hardwood Workshops will encourage the best environmental practice where possible by:

  • Using and promoting “paperless” processes in pursuit of our day to day business.
  • Encouraging the use of recycled materials.
  • Encouraging the use of third parties who are environmentally friendly.
  • Encouraging the use of suppliers with an environmental policy.


  • Using strip lighting, LED’s and halogen bulbs
  • Ensuring electrical equipment is switched off at the mains socket when not in use and not left on standby.
  • Research and implement ways of saving energy where possible and if resources allow, including renewable sources.


  • A system in the office to recycle paper, plastic, printer, batteries and photocopier cartridges.
  • Ongoing development of systems which significantly reduce paper usage including requesting e-billing where appropriate and use of (non-paper) payment systems.
  • The procurement of recycled paper and stationery (either forestry certified paper or post consumer waste paper) and other appropriate office supplies.
  • The storing and re-use of packaging materials where appropriate.
  • Waste to be used in a carbon neutral system to heat the workshop, replacing the existing oil burner.


  • Working out the most efficient route to destinations
  • Regular servicing of vehicles to reduce emissions
  • Ensuring maximum efficiency of vehicles by sensible driving practice and regular tyre pressure checks and adjustment

Sussex Hardwood Workshops recognises that it is necessary for continued improvement and will constantly look for ways to follow best environmental practice as well as encouraging our clients, (through our activities) to focus on environmental issues. Environmental assessments will be carried out annually. If you have any questions regarding our environmental policy and approach, please contact Tristan Crossley or Jeremy Doe on 01243 572515 or e-mail: info@sussexhardwoods.co.uk

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