The Joy of Owning English Oak Bespoke Conservatories

Bespoke English conservatories are a great way to add value and unique living space to your home. They are not pre-designed or built beforehand; instead they are unique and tailored to your individual tastes. No two bespoke conservatories will be alike, although they do come in traditional English styles such as: Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian amongst others.

Victorian is probably the most popular style of conservatory, with its steeply pitched roof and fine details along the roof. Originally they were designed to grow exotic plants from around the world. Edwardian and Georgian are similar, but have angular fronts rather than the flat Victorian fronted conservatory. Furthermore, they both borrow features from Roman and Greek architectural styles.

Victorian Conservatory with thriving tropical plants

Victorian Conservatory with thriving tropical plants

Other designs of bespoke conservatories include: lantern, p-shaped and lean-to styles of conservatory. The simplest construction is the lean-to that consists of a simple plane that leans onto the main property, also known as a sunroom. Meanwhile p-shaped is a kind of hybrid between Georgian and lean-to styles adding much living space to your property.

The next consideration is the materials for your bespoke conservatory.  The glass must be engineered specifically for conservatory use such as Celsius or Pilkington. Obviously, it must be light and strong, but should also provide maximum exposure to sun and light. Coatings can remove unwanted glare and yet still contain maximum heat during winter sun.

Hybrid Style Bespoke English Conservatory with a Lantern

Hybrid Style Bespoke English Conservatory with a Lantern

Finally, the structure itself must be very strong but minimal to support the greatest area of glass. PVC has become very popular for modern homes but looks distinctly out of place for classic designs. Softwoods such as Pine should also be discounted as they are not up to the job. Instead, look to fine English hardwoods such as Oak.

You see during the Napoleonic war all ships were primarily built from Oak by a highly skilled work force of joiners. Oak was used as the most durable material for ships. Exactly how durable? Well each time one of 100, 32 pound cannons was fired, a strain of 18 tons was exerted on the ship’s hull. Oak provides amazing strength for a craftsman to call upon for joinery jobs which must last. In addition oak is never surpassed for its weather resistance, an essential trait for a bespoke oak conservatory in the British climate.

English Oak Naval Ships could support the colossal forces from Cannons

English Oak Naval Ships could support the colossal forces from Cannons

Okay so I think you have the message that Oak is definitely a prime choice of wood for a durable, long lasting, attractive bespoke conservatory, but just who builds with Oak? It can be tricky to find a company who has the required skill level of craftsmen. Joinery is an art, and in today’s world of mass production skilled craftsmen are hard to come by.

Here at the Sussex Hardwood Workshops, we specialise in high quality hardwood joinery for conservatories, kitchens, furniture, windows and doors.

Call us today to discuss your requirements for a fine English Oak conservatory.

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