Why Bespoke Country Kitchens Should Become the Heart of your Home?

How much time do you and your family spend in your kitchen?  Whether your are preparing and eating dinner with your family or catching up with your friends over a coffee, it’s true to say the kitchen is the heart and soul of most houses.

It’s the one room that you need to really work for the way you live and your chance to make a statement about your home.  So when it comes to choosing a new kitchen, you’ve got to live and work with your decision day in, day out.  We’ve all done it, bought something and tried to cut corners only to regret the decision every time we come to use that item.  You’re going to be living with, in and using that room for many years to come and you don’t want to wish you had done it differently every time you walk through the door.

sussex kitchen

Beautiful Custom Hardwood Country Kitchens

If you are looking for a kitchen that really works for your family and your home, handmade kitchens are the way to go. Whether you want a country kitchens feel, traditional oak kitchens or a more contemporary bespoke kitchen, there are many advantages to choosing custom kitchens over ready made kitchens.

Awkward corners, curved walls or high ceilings can all be addressed.  The options are limitless and can you make the most of any quirky architectural features whilst ensuring you get the layout and look you want. Your design can be customised for any features you want, whether its a hidden office cupboard for a studio flat kitchen or a central island with a kitchen bar for larger rooms, you can get your kitchen designers working to your unique requirements.

Oak Contemporary Bespoke Kitchen

Oak Contemporary Bespoke Kitchen

There’s a wealth of kitchen designers and fitted kitchens to choose from in the UK but for a really unique choice, with no compromise, opt for custom built solid wood kitchens. Oak kitchens are built to last.  A durable material that gives you a luxury kitchen feel with the flexibility of an individual design.  The finish can be left natural for your country kitchens effect or you may choose for a painted kitchens finish with a mixture of modern work surfaces or flooring for the contemporary look.

Do your homework and choose a kitchen designer that can turn your dream into reality.  Consider the time scales – remember you are paying for quality craftsmanship which can’t be rushed but you’ll live with the benefits for a long time!  And yes, work out your budget.  You should expect to pay more for the privilege of a kitchen handmade just for you, but there are reasonably priced options and from an investment point of view, consider how much value you are adding to your home.

Here at the Sussex Hardwood Workshops, we specialise in high quality hardwood joinery for conservatories, kitchens, furniture, windows and doors.

Call us today to discuss your requirements for a bespoke kitchen that will become the heart of your home.

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