External Doors

Oak Garage Doors

Traditional rustic Garage doors for a property in Preston Candover. Our client requested some authentic looking side hung Garage doors that would be in-keeping with the rest of the property and the surrounding area. The lovely large T hinges provide the necessary strength for these heavy doors. We fitted heavy duty hasp and staple locks with shoot bolts on the interior. We will be heading back to this property in a few months time to be conducting our complimentary 6 month check and to apply another coat of oil.

Sussex Hardwood Internal Doors

Attractive, quality and durable doors shouldn’t stop at the front porch. Sussex Hardwood’s also offer a wide range of internal doors with the same highly skilled joinery they display on there external doors.

Internal Doors

What you have to remember when browsing for connecting doors within the house is your home’s unique needs, maybe; glass doors to allow light, door handle height for small children, and the most important what sort of safety features are there in case of a fire. All Sussex hardwood products are bespoke so be assured that a Sussex hardwood door will be specifically made to address any concerns you might have. A major concern when purchasing a door is, will it fit the opening? This can be a problem if the door frame is an awkward shape, this isn’t even an issue for the skilled joiners at Sussex hardwood, of course they will make a stylish door that not only fits but looks natural and swings perfectly.

The big advantage of using a hardwood door is the lasting quality and value it will enhance the features of your property. Using traditional joinery methods to create, modern, contemporary or classic designs for your property will guarantee true value for money.

Do you have an ecological conscience? Want the quality but worried about the harm to the natural hardwood forests around the world. Don’t be, because Sussex hardwood share your concerns, any timber used is sourced locally from trusted sources that have a sustainability policy. The fact that it is sourced locally will also cut down any carbon footprint associated with long distance transportation. Continue reading

Traditional Oak Doors and Door Frames

Beautiful Porch and Door enhances this country home

Beautiful Porch and Door enhances this country home

The choice of wood for your external doors and frames is a decision that will have a long lasting effect on the value of your home. The right kind of wood will last for decades as well as improve the look of your home.

However, there are other considerations too:

• It must keep your home secure against unwanted entry

• It should shut perfectly, swing freely but keep out drafts and moisture

• It must withstand the elements and cope with the extremes, such as multiple temperature and humidity cycles

• Additionally, it should match the other wood features around your home

The choices tend to be limited. You can go with teak or mahogany, but for traditional English Homes you really can’t beat oak. If cost is an issue, the European Oak is a good substitute for English Oak. The grade may be slightly lower, but it will still give you years of pleasure. Continue reading

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