Traditional Oak Doors and Door Frames

Beautiful Porch and Door enhances this country home

Beautiful Porch and Door enhances this country home

The choice of wood for your external doors and frames is a decision that will have a long lasting effect on the value of your home. The right kind of wood will last for decades as well as improve the look of your home.

However, there are other considerations too:

• It must keep your home secure against unwanted entry

• It should shut perfectly, swing freely but keep out drafts and moisture

• It must withstand the elements and cope with the extremes, such as multiple temperature and humidity cycles

• Additionally, it should match the other wood features around your home

The choices tend to be limited. You can go with teak or mahogany, but for traditional English Homes you really can’t beat oak. If cost is an issue, the European Oak is a good substitute for English Oak. The grade may be slightly lower, but it will still give you years of pleasure. Continue reading

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