A glazed oak framed structure adds value to your property and can enhance your lifestyle providing a beautiful, bright and comfortable living space. If you would like to know a little more, check out our Q&A section below where Jeremy, our Managing Director, covers some of the most frequently asked questions.

With a wealth of knowledge, real depth of experience working for independent clients and businesses Sussex Hardwood has a true passion for delivering the right solution and providing ongoing support once installed.

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A. Direct glazing is the application of a glass panel to the frame of the window, without any sash assembly. This direct glazed unit is not movable and is stationary within the frame of the window. Direct glazing is often used as the centre fixed glass in picture windows, oak framed elevations, garden rooms or in door side lights. 

A. There are so many benefits to direct glazing that it’s become a hugely popular feature in oak framed buildings of all kinds. Direct glazing allows natural light to flood in and the lack of bulky frames offers unobstructed views of the scenery beyond. Large expanses of glass not only look great but offer added thermal insulation qualities as well as reduced sound transmission. In addition, glass has become more structurally stable and is now being developed to allow more continuous spans and unsupported lengths and dimensions than ever before allowing us to offer you lots of different options around your preferences.

A. Yes I can. I come from a nautical background myself so I am meticulous about water staying on the outside at all times. 

Timber framing has become so popular that building techniques have developed over the last couple of decades to eliminate leakage problems. Although green oak frames take time to settle and dry, a system called ‘face applied direct glazing’ ensures absolutely no water from outside can get through. Glass units are clamped onto the outside of the frame using dried, seasoned oak cover boards, which reduce movement, made from 12 year seasoned Oak that will not warp or move and this reduces movement. The cover boards are hand made by our expert joiners and are made from re-sawn oak. Not only does this method allow maximum light through, but it also guarantees no leakage. 

A. Yes. A 10 Year Warranty on the Direct Glazing System on new installations against leaks. Problems are very rare but if they were to occur we take this very seriously and will do our utmost to make sure all is well. Even after a warranty has expired we will do all we can to help.

A. Always the trickiest question to answer. Every project, customer, location and design specification is unique but we can assure you that from the time you contact us, we will endeavour to visit, discuss and quote as quickly as possible. Before you decide to go ahead, you will have an informed estimate on how long the job will take allowing you to make arrangements around the activity at your home. 

A.  Once we have your approved plan, you can be as involved as little or as much as you like. Some customers love to be on site every day finding out as much as they can about the process; others have a ‘tell me when it’s finished’ approach. We are happy to project manage the whole process for you including liaison with local authorities and planning officers to minimise stress, or if you prefer, we’ll make sure you are involved at every stage. There is a middle ground too!

Whatever your preferred level of involvement, we will ensure you are kept informed of progress regardless.

A. Oak is considered a premium building material so building with oak is a little more expensive but not hugely. There are several factors that could impact on cost, such as the amount of oak used. We’ll look carefully at your priorities and where we can save you money we certainly will. For instance, you might substitute a simple set of French doors for large sets of bi-folds to bring costs down. The complexity and location of the build will affect the price but you should also consider the cost of surveys, architect/design services, planning and legal fees and building regulations.  

Sussex Hardwood will always provide clear and accurate quotations, outlining all inclusions and exclusions of the project. Our reputation has been built on trust so you can rely on us to be completely transparent with our costings and our advice. 

A. Certainly. We have expertise in renovating and repairing existing timber framed windows and would never recommend replacement where it isn’t necessary…. We love wood too much. 

A.  Our geographical service reach expands as far to the north as Leicestershire, to Kent, East Anglia and Lincolnshire in the East and to Devon and Cornwall in the West. We also offer a consultancy service to projects throughout Europe.