The Next Step In Luxury Home Design and Construction – Direct Glazing into Bespoke Oak Frames.

Springbourne Homes’s latest development is a collection of 19 luxury homes on a stunning hilltop site with far-reaching rural views on the border of Leicestershire and Warwickshire and the next step in luxury home design. Overlooking the site of the Battle of Bosworth Field (1485), Hornsey Rise is the largest modern development in the UK using oak framed elevations – all glazing systems and casement windows and doors supplied by the Sussex Hardwood team. 

Chairman and owner of Springbourne Homes, Adrian Burr, explains why oak frame elevations and large glazing screens are the next step in luxury home design and construction.

“The properties on Hornsey Rise are bespoke architect-designed 3, 4 and 5 bedroomed dwellings built to the highest specification by expert craftsmen.  Absolutely every element of these homes has been carefully designed and selected to appeal to highly discerning buyers so the glazing not only had to be highly efficient but it had to look sensational too.

The Sussex Hardwood team worked on every property within the development, fitting all the direct glazing into our bespoke oak frames, the oak casement windows and the doors. The design brief for the properties included direct glazing as it fitted with our aesthetic and thermal efficiency goals. 

As well as looking much more appealing thanks to its cleaner lines, direct glazing allows greater visibility, a much larger sight line without clumsy frames and therefore much more natural light – a real and tangible bonus for our buyers. Additionally, the thermal efficiency of glass is highly effective in keeping draughts out and the heat inside. 

Due to Sussex Hardwoods’ considerable experience and exceptional skill level, the Sussex Hardwood team were able to liaise seamlessly with all the other professionals involved in the project from the architects and surveyors to their construction colleagues meaning a high level of productivity on-site, no delays and an outstanding finish which undoubtedly enhances each and every home built. 

Imagination, inspiration and innovation are our three watchwords at Springbourne Homes and these important values dovetail superbly with the ethos at Sussex Hardwood Workshops.
I couldn’t be more delighted with the competent performance of Jeremy’s team and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other developers – true experts and industry professionals who are also a pleasure to work with.” 

Adrian Burr, Chairman, and owner of Springbourne Homes

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